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Program Information

Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

Loma Linda Expands FTTH past the home, reaching out to businesses, wireless, anywhere... we call it FTTX.
Why is FTTX important to Loma Linda?
  • This city believes in infrastructure
  • Provide a better infrastructure for economic growth and development (e.g. higher home values, better business environment, etc.)
  • Promote competition (Open Ethernet System)
  • Strengthens the image of the City as innovative and progressive
  • Supports the commercial and residential interests of the citizens
  • Enables the City to play a very central role with our larger business in the City
  • Create a globally competitive community
  • Establish a new revenue source
  • Empowered more community involvement
Loma Linda’s FTTX Ordinance
New Construction Requirements:
  • Data Cabinet in Master Bedroom
  • Cable Bundle Set – 2 Cat 6, 1 Coax in each Living space. 2 sets in Master Bed Room and Family Room
  • Fiber into Data Cabinet and Community MDF
  • Fiber throughout the development
  • Build a community MDF
  • Deed the infrastructure over to the City once completed
  • City provides builders with design, SOW and BOM
  • City provides list of certified and approved contractors
  • Cost to the Builder ~ $3,500 per unit