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TheCityOfLoma LindaCalifornia

Parking Permit Application

Parking Permit(s) Applications will be accepted online only.

Parking Permit(s) will be picked up during designated date and time provided on the online application. A separate application must be submitted for each permit requested. Only one Guest Permit will be issued per residence.

Valid Driver’s License/ID and current Vehicle Registration, along with two proofs of residency must be presented at time of pick-up. If Driver’s License and Registration have permitted address, no other documentation will be necessary. In the event, proper documentation is not presented at time of pick-up, you will be asked to return with correct documentation in order to obtain permit(s).

Applications that do not fulfill the requirements for a parking permit such as outstanding citations, expired vehicle registration, invalid use of permit, or an address not in a permitted zone will not be accepted. You will receive an e-mail with corrections or requirements to be fulfilled.

Please refer to Parking Permit requirements on the online application or on the City website.
If there is a need to reschedule do not resubmit, please call (909) 799-2850.

Please Click Here for the Application